Special images require special planning

 and effort...  

The consultation, or planning session, is a time for the photographer and the client to meet and plan the portrait session. Clients are encouraged to share their ideas, interests, and ambitions.  For children its a time to try on clothes and have a bit of fun while getting used to the studio environment.

We will discuss potential wardrobe, hair, props and locations. Feel free to bring examples of other portraits, magazine pictures, fine art reproductions...anything that will help you express what you think looks interesting.

The portrait session should take from two to four hours (one to two for children) depending on wardrobe and location. Occasionally several sessions may be scheduled to meet the wishes of the client.

Typically the session will start in the studio, capturing formal portraiture type images. Following the classical portraiture, we will we endeavor to create special images, just for you, incorporating wardrobe, props and environments, both in and outside of the studio.

Image Selection shall take place during a consultation following the portrait session. We will discuss and select which images will be used to create the finished portrait(s).

Size, media, display location, multiple image mountings, and personal preferences will all be considered when selecting the finished product.

For further information on the portraiture, planning sessions, and options available, contact us directly.

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